Concierge Services

A Premier Mental Healthcare Experience

What Are Concierge Mental Health Services?

Concierge mental health services are designed for a variety of clients who exhibit special needs or circumstances that make it difficult to attend traditional therapy appointments. They are also a great option for clients who seek more intimate forms of therapy.

Let us come to you.

For example, clients who travel often, have a busy lifestyle, need excess privacy, or prefer therapy to occur in the comfort of their homes are all ideal candidates for this type of mental health services.

Think of concierge services as a personalized form of therapy. Rather than pay through insurance for each visit in the office, clients pay a monthly fee  based the services that work best with their personal needs.  We even offer acute concierge services which extend the current concierge membership to include additional aid during times of crisis or high stress.

These moments may include, but are not limited to:

  • Experiencing the loss of a loved one
  • Serious illness or surgery
  • Marriage or divorce
  • Birth or adoption of a child
  • Other significant professional or personal stress
AOMHS Concierge Services

AOMHS Concierge Treats All Aspects of the Individual:

Mind, Body and Spirit

AOMHS takes service to a whole new level by designing a comprehensive mental wellness concierge program. Imagine how special you will feel with direct access to your therapist for emergencies, timely appointments, and extended appointment times.

AOMHS combines its state-of-the-art treatment services with top-notch concierge-style patient care to create a new era in mental wellness care. As a Premier Client, you will experience the most advanced, personalized, emotional and mental healthcare on the peninsula.

As human beings,

we are more than just a diagnosis! Each of us is a complex human being with varying needs, preferences, and belief systems. If the mind is out of sync with the body and/or spirit an emotional dissonance results, potentially causing illness of both the mind and body. AOMHS Concierge understands the importance of integrated treatment in correcting any imbalance while promoting comprehensive mental wellness through tailored personalized care.